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About InvestmentScience.com

InvestmentScience.com is an online publisher. We focus on promoting the financial analysis ideas often referred to as the real options approach to investments and turning these ideas into practice. The material you can find here ranges from practical tutorials and case studies to articles covering new ideas and concepts to perspectives and commentary. We provide quality resources, drawing from the expertise and know-how of professionals as well as academics. You will find this site to be an invaluable resource for successful application of the latest financial analysis concepts.

The understanding of how one can think about and analyze investment problems has undergone a tremendous change over the last couple of decades. One has witnessed the migration of project analysis from the use of primarily deterministic methods, such as the discounted cash flow approach to the treatment of projects as options on real assets which allows the model to exhibit uncertainty and thus greatly enhances its realism. From the latter method we have come to understand that with uncertainty comes not only risk but also opportunities for great rewards.

While the conceptual understanding of real investments has been greatly enhanced our ability to put these ideas into practice has been limited. Partly this gap has been due to the sophisticated framework that the real options literature has used which has limited the ability of the practitioner to understand the intricacies of the models. Another reason, perhaps of greater significance, is that a complete methodology for implementing the ideas has been lacking.

At InvestmentScience.com we hope to help bridge both of these issues. Thus, we encourage material that enhances the general analyst's ability to understand the ideas. In particular, material that focuses on improving computational methods in order to facilitate easy application of the real options ideas will be given a high priority.

Submitting Content

We wholeheartedly welcome submission of high quality articles and tutorials. Note, however, that the purpose of this site is to be an objective resource and we do therefore not accept advertising material and other content that violate the site's integrity. For further submission guidelines please click here.

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The Investment Science Newsletter, published by Professor David G. Luenberger, reports on the nature of research and projects underway at Stanford University's Department of Management Science and Engineering. Visitors can subscribe to the newsletter by submitting their e-mail address. For information on how we handle you e-mail address read our privacy notice.

For any questions or comments send an email to editor@investmentscience.com.



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